Teen Vogue Fashion University Event

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

This past weekend, I attended the Teen Vogue Fashion University Event. It's a 3 day thing but I could only make it on Saturday and Sunday since Friday night I had a mandatory meeting with the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade crew since I will be working then too.

On Saturday morning, we all checked in and received our giftbags. Then we went off to the seminars we signed up for in advance. My first one was with Nanette Lepore. We received a Nanette Lepore Umbrella and a Save the Garment District pencil. She talked about what inspires her and how she got started. Her daughter and personal assistant were there as well. (On the left, I got a picture with her).

My second seminar was with Cynthia Rowley. She is such a fun person. She's lively and entertaining, I just loved it. She was interesting and also talked about her career and what's coming up. I almost didn't want it to end. We a;so saw looks from her recent fashion shows. She also talked about the designs of the sets of her runways. (On the right is a picture of her).

My third was Behnaz Serafpour. I actually haven't heard of her until this event. She's a Target designer and she graduated from the Parsons School of Design. We watched one of her fashion shows on tape, and she's not too bad. Not really my kind of style but some of her garments are beautiful. (On the left, is a picture of her).

Next, I went on to see Tracy Reese. I haven't seen much of her work, but as I got a closer look at her clothing that day, I really admire her work. I love the use of color and prints she uses. She also described one of the pieces she made. She said it was really a photograph of roses blown up really big so it looks more like an abstract print. However, when you stand back you can see they are roses. I thought that was cool.

Then, all the people who attended this event attended the Keynote Speaker seminar. It turns out it was Lisi Harrison, the author of The Clique book series and Mandi Line, the costume designer for The Clique movie. They chatted about their inspirations and about the transition from book to movie. After, we got a chance to snack on some popcorn and watch an exclusive early screening of the movie before it is released on DVD on November 18. I thought the movie was exactly just like the book, which is a change since most movies usually change things and cut things out, and some characters are totally different. However, the characters in this movie was exactly as I imagined, and I think Mandi Line did a wonderful job as the costume designer and really understanding the characters.

On Sunday, it was the Target seminar. In advance, we were able to submit any of our own sketches or drawings. So, we viewed each of them. Then 4 designers from Target came out to speak about themselves and their careers. They also shared some advice and tips. Then, they critiqued a couple of the sketches that were submitted. We were also given a Target box filled with breakfast. The 4 designers that attended were Liz Lange, Sonia Kashuk, Ben Harnett, and Toni Hacker.

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